1996 - The birth of the very first Sicurpal device

After several years in the PPE business, Giampiero Morandi produces the very first Sicurpal device to respond to a bricklayer customer who asked for a safe way to secure his work at height.
Due to its valuable aim, the idea is highly appreciated by the market. This leads to the establishment of Sicurpal srl the year after, with the aim of offering a wide range of specifically tailor-made products to solve one of the main occupational fatality: falls from height.

1999 - Sicurpal builds its own in-house structure for the testing and certification of its products

In order to gain compliance with EN 795 standard, Sicurpal builds its own in-house structure, to perform load and resistance testing on all of its products prior to market entry.
Tests on both products and fixings are delivered with the highest value possible and well documented by notified bodies and engineers.

2006 - The company experiences explosive growth across the country

To better respond to customer needs, Sicurpal employs the metal carpentry and becomes then an all-round manufacturer and supplier of fall protection systems.
In 2006, the company inaugurates its new 850 square metres headquarters in Villavara di Bomporto and is now able to expand across the country, establishing a formidable national sales network and offering turnkey projects. This means that each stage from sale – inspection, project, budget request, installation and test is managed and a point of contact is always available.
In this year Mr Morand’s wife, Francesca Corni, joins forces with the company, leading to the establishment of a family business that ensures a fully qualified and yet friendly work environment which will soon include also the children Giulia and Gabriele.

2007 - Morandi’s company complies now with ISO 9000

Sicurpal is now a leading company in the safety sector, therefore Mr. Morandi decides to standardize business and management processes according to ISO 9000 standards and gains accreditation by the notified body TÜV SÜD Italia.

2013 - Sicurpal takes on a new look and gives birth to Sicurform

In spite of the economic crisis that hits the construction and safety industry, the company doesn’t give up, giving its logo a new look and launching new products.
Moreover, the company versatility is now enhanced by a new division: Sicurform srl, born with the aim of delivering training courses covering the whole range of safety topics.

2014 - Sicurpal stays ahead of the game: it moves headquarters and builds a new testing structure

Due to its fast-paced growth, the company moves its headquarters to a bigger and brand new building in Bastiglia, with a wide warehouse to fulfill more orders.
Besides, a new in-house structure is built in order to test-field the products under conditions of use. The new structure simulates an actual 80 metres long lifeline, reproducing the effects of fall forces thanks to a mass that falls from a height of 6 metres.
At the forefront in Italian safety market, this allows certification of products according to Italian UNI 11578 standard and European EN 795:2012 and CEN/TS 16415 standards.

2016 - Sicurpal goes international

In 2016, to suit the latest market trends, Sicurpal actively starts the internationalization process to further develop its business and broaden its market penetration with a network of distributors and customers abroad.

"In order to demonstrate how much we believe in our market and our job, we started building new headquarters in 2012 to keep delivering the high standards of quality and excellence that diversify our offer from that of all of our competitors. This has been the biggest step in the evolutionary path of the company and symbolizes its great commitment to improve the quality of its products and services everyday."
Giampiero Morandi